Most of these are brutal murders by someone disguised as the Red Devil and Green Meanie in seasons 1 and 2, respectively. The four to wear the Devil costume, whether they killed or not, are either Getrude "GiGi" Caldwell/Jess Meyer, Boone Clemens, Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich, and Peter "Pete" Martinez. 

Season 1Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Sophia Doyle Blood loss from childbirth N/A No Found dead
Melanie Dorkus Scalded by hydrochloric acid Boone Clemens Yes Survived
Ms. Agatha Bean Head shoved/face scalded/peeled off in deep fryer Chanel Oberlin Yes
Sonya "Chanel #2" Herfmann Knifed in shoulder/back of head Boone Clemens Yes
Tiffany DeSalle Decapitated with lawn tractor Boone Clemens Yes
Shondell Washington Impaled through back of throat with kitchen knife in patrol jeep Boone Clemens No Found dead
Aaron "Coney" Cohen Decapitated with chainsaw Unknown Yes
Mandy Greenwell Knifed repeatedly, hung from house roof by rope Boone Clemens No Found dead
Dodger Disemboweled with hedge shears Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich No Found dead
Caufield Mount Herman Arms sliced off with chainsaw, axed in stomach twice, decapitated with axe Boone Clemens Yes
Sam Head bashed against bathtub, smothered with plastic bag Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Yes
Roger Shot in head/face 30 times with nailgun Peter "Pete" Martinez Yes
Doctor Steven Munsch Dismembered/decapitated with machete Dean Catreen "Cathy" Munsch No His head was found in a fish tank; framed Feather McCarthy
Jennifer Knifed in head Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Yes Found dead
Mary Mulligan/Bethany Stevens Car accident via wrapping rope around tree connected to car Herself No Suicide, mentioned, Grace's mother
Debbie Hung in orchard Herself No Suicide because Thad didn't invite her to the Radwell's thanksgiving
Earl Grey Knifed in back Boone Clemens Yes
Truck Driver Back sliced/stomach hacked with machete Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Yes
Boone Clemens Knifed in chest Unknown Yes Betrayed
Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Pushed downstairs/neck snapped Chanel Oberlin Yes Survived
Gertrude "GiGi" Caldwell/Jess Meyer Decapitated with electric serrated carving knife Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich No The thanksgiving platter was replaced with her severed head
Police Officer Shot in forehead with crossbow Peter "Pete" Martinez Yes
Amy Meyer Dehydration/kidney failure from laxatives Herself No Suicide; mentioned
Peter "Pete" Martinez Knifed in back of neck/chest Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Yes Stopping him from revealing that she is the Red Devil
Zak, the Pizza Delivery Guy Head bludgeoned, blown up by bomb Hester "Chanel #6" Ulrich Yes
Libby "Chanel #5" Putney's grandmother Wheelchair pushed down driveway in traffic/ran over Libby "Chanel #5" Putney No Accident?, mentioned
Red Devil Mascot Knifed in chest/stomach 25 times with kitchen knife Gertrude "GiGi" Caldwell/Jess Meyer Yes Flashback; original Red Devil mascot

Season 2Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Bill Sedated, thrown into swamp/drowned Doctor Mike Yes Flashback
Catherine Hobart Decapitated with machete Green Meanie #2 Yes
Doctor (Mets No. 17) Throat slit by thrown machete Jane (?) Yes Flashback
Doctor (Mets No. 6) Machete thrown into stomach Jane (?) No Flashback; seen holding his wound
Daryl Strawberry Head hacked with machete  Jane (?) No Flashback
Doctor Mike Impaled through stomach with machete/lifted Jane (?) Yes Flashback
Nurse Thomas Machete thrown into back Jane (?) Yes Flashback
Our Lady of Pepetual Suffering Staff Impaled/hacked up/apart/butchered with machete Jane (?) No Flashback; found dead
Squash Player Back impaled with knife extended from squash racket Marshall Winthrope Yes Flashback
600+ Squash Players Impaled/butchered with knife extended from squash racket Marhsall Winthrope No Mentioned
Marshall Winthrope Executed The State No Mentioned
Tyler Eyes/chest seared with medical lasers, throat slit with scalpel Green Meanie #2 Yes
Randall Chest sliced 3 times/arm sliced off (off-screen) with sickle Green Meanie #2 Yes
Sheila Baumgartner Beheaded by thrown sickle Green Meanie #2 Yes
Chad Radwell Throat slit/impaled repeatedly, fell through glass ceiling/lands on altar Unknown No Found dead
Tad Radwell Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Bunny Radwell Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Brad Radwell Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Thad Radwell Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Muffy Saint Pierre-Radwell Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Numerous people Plane crash Plane pilot No Accident; mentioned
Plane pilot Plane crash Himself No Accident; mentioned
Libby "Chanel #5" Putney Macheted in back Green Meanie #2 Yes Survived
Special Agent Denise Hemphill Chest electrocuted twice/back with defilibrator chest paddles Green Meanie #2 Yes


  • For some murders, the killer is unknown. The instances are below:
    • Tiffany DeSalle's death: Boone would be responsible for this, but the episodes "Hell Week" and "Mommie Dearest" proved that GiGi was more than the planner, and might have also worn the killer costume. GiGi was absent since the introduction of the new pledges at Kappa Kappa Tau, when this happened.
    • Boone Clemens's death: Pete confessed to killing Boone, but the theory that this was done by another is being hinted at. An episode after Boone's death, GiGi implies that Hester was the killer, quoting, "I'm sorry we had to murder your brother". In two episodes, GiGi talks to the Red Devil (Hester), telling her to kill Boone. After Boone's death, the Red Devil has a look of guilt on his face after stabbing Boone.


The main antagonistic figure of Season 1 is the Red Devil.

  • It is a costume used in the Red Devil Conspiracy. Four people dressed up as the Devil and murdered people on campus. 
  • Each killer is agressive, but in different ways:
    • Boone was "out of hand" and killed everyone he possibly could.
    • Hester only killed when neccessary. She killed Pete because he was about to reveal her as the killer, Mandy because she shedded light on the 1995 KKT incident and unknowingly revealed that the killer is a girl, Zak so she could frame Melanie Dorkus, GiGi because she made her (debatable) kill Boone, and every other murder she committed was simply for her own enjoyment.
  • Hester confessed to orchestrating to murders on campus in Season 1.
  • In Season 2, Hester is not the killer, but is working with the Green Meanie and is possibly the mind behind his moves. She is said by the producers to be "intimately involved' with the killer, who is her "special friend".
  • Chad Radwell's killer is not the Green Meanie, as revealed in "Halloween Blues".
    • The killer was not wearing a costume, as Chad saw the face of the person who killed him, as revealed in said episode.
  • In the latest episode, coming November 1, Zayday and Libby "Chanel #5" Putney will talk to Jane, a possible antagonist of Season 2, about the killings of 1986, on Halloween night.

Villains/Killers IdentitiesEdit